HMS Leopard

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HMS Leopard was a British Navy forth-rate ship of the line with fifty guns. In 1775, at Portsmouth Dockyard, the keel of HMS Leopard was put down. At Sheerness in 1790 HMS Leopard was launched at last. HMS Leopard is best remembered for the Chesapeake-Leopard battle in 1807.

HMS Leopard was refitted into a troopship in 1812. HMS Leopard was sailing from England to Quebec On June 28, 1814 and she foundered in heavy fog at Anticosti Island. Unfortunately HMS Leopard was wrecked but no lives were lost.

Eleven ships of the British Nay have been called HMS Leopard. The first was built in 1635 and was a thirty four gun ship. The Second was made in 1659 and was a fifty four gun ship. The fourth HMS Leopard another 54 and the sixth was the one described above launched in 1790. The rest were a hoy, frigates, and destroyers. The last one was broke up in 1977.

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