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In July 1759, Mr Edward Allen, the Master Shipwright at Chatham Dockyard received orders from the Admiralty telling him:
“To make preparation and to prepare costing for a First-Rate Ship of 100 guns, to be built and fitted for sea at Chatham”.

The designer of HMS Victory was Thomas Slade, the Senior Navy Surveyor. The keel of HMS Victory was laid down on 23 July 1759 at the Chatham Dockyard. HMS Victory cost £63,175 and used about six thousand trees in her construction. Ninety percent of the wood in her is oak with the rest made up of elm, pine and fir timber. HMS Victory was launched on 7 May 1765 but she was not put into service until 1778. Because of the long wait, Victory’s hull timbers were well seasoned, is probably why HMS Victory has survived so long.

HMS Victory had 100 Guns and 800 men in her crew. HMS Victory was one of the largest battleships of Royal Navy in Georgian times and was a first rate ship of the line. The length of the Victory was 69.34 meters and her widest beam was 15.80 meters. The main mast is 62.50 meters and burthen fully loaded was 2,197 tonnes. She had a Draught of approximately seven meters.

HMS Victory now has 88 guns on three decks with the heaviest on the lowest deck to help with stability of the ship at sea. With the heaviest guns on the lowest deck HMS Victory was more unlikely to capsize in bad weather. The Upper Gun Deck has 30 short 12-pounder guns, the Middle Gun Deck has 28 long 24-pounders, and the Lower Gun Deck has 30 long 32-pounders.

The Victory was retired from active duty in 1812 and was moored inside Portsmouth harbor, where she stayed until 1922. The Victory was moved because of worries about her condition to the royal Naval Dockyard, Number 2 Dry Dock, in Portsmouth. She was restored to her original condition and placed in her now famous home in the Portsmouth Dockyard.

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